Curaçao Airport Partners

Curaçao Airport Holding

“I consider CEC one of the, if not the best civil and structural engineering company on Curaçao. We have worked with them since the first airport new terminal project in 2003. They have always delivered excellent work, which is the very reason we recommended our architect, Corgan, to bring them on board the current expansion project as the structural engineer. CEC is currently responsible for the concrete structure calculations, infrastructure, and drainage of the terminal expansion.

We can always count on their expertise, but what has truly kept CAP coming back is their level of commitment. CEC is highly service oriented and we feel good working with them. Gamal personally dedicates time to listen and address any questions or concerns we may have. They respect that we bring our own set of knowledge to the table and are very much aware that we rely on their expert opinion.

CAP has build a strong bond working with George first and now with Gamal. Both are experts in their field, yet flexible. If we want to add changes to a design or are of the opinion it is over budget, they are always open to come up with a solution. In this industry this is an exception, not a rule. Most constructors are resilient to suggestions or even criticism, not CEC. Their strong communication skills and joint effort has worked very well for us to this day.

Gamal clearly follows in his father’s footsteps, but he is a different type of director. Both are very skilled engineers, but George was more experience oriented and Gamal takes on the role of visionary and manager. We take pride in seeing him employ the latest developments in the field of Civil Engineering in CEC.”