Curacaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij


“CEC is a company with a lot of integrity, which is something we place a high value on at CWM. We see it as a good foundation to build on and it pleases us that both father and son Douglas exhibit this exceptional trait in running CEC. Gamal may be relatively new in his role as director, but there is no doubt in my mind that he does so with the highest integrity.

CWM and CEC have developed mutual trust and respect for each other’s expertise throughout decades of working together. We have reached a level of understanding where we can go to one another for advise or even ask for input. It’s been 11 years since I personally started working with CEC and so far, it has been a very positive and learning experience.

CEC always finds a constructive way to resolve an issue if we find ourselves at an impasse. There is always a middle ground to be found with them and most important of all, there is support. I find them critical but at the same time supportive. Therefore, I consider their excellent communication skills one of their greatest assets. I truly consider them one of the good ones in Civil Engineering and road infrastructure. They are very client-centered, meeting their client’s goals is placed above everything else.

We’re a contracting company, so 90 percent of the time, CEC is in fact representing the client either taking on the role of project management or designer. Still, we complement each other as far as services, so we want to keep building on our working relationship. I only wish them the best and to keep up the good work.”